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The salesman

Job responsibilities:

1、Responsible for developing channel terminals in designated areas;

2、Responsible for do a good job in shop and sales and maintenance of jurisdiction by the wholesale, terminal customers, jurisdiction customer visit at least 3-4 times per week, company policy and promotion activities, maintain the price system and investigate the area goods;

3、To master and feedback competitive product information, activity policy and sales status;

4、Timely understand the inventory and timely replenishment of wholesale customers and end customers in the jurisdiction area;

5、Work carried out early in the morning will communicate the day before yesterday, visiting customers, clinch a deal the sales quantity problems, development of new customers and market feedback and the sales target and work plan route;

6、Fill in relevant data forms and work information report as required by the department;

Post requirements:

1、Above 22 years of age, technical secondary school degree or above; More than one year sales experience;

2、Good at active communication, strong ability to express and understand, strong spirit of pioneering and innovation;

3、Good appearance, good professional ethics;

4、Hardworking, cooperative and obedient, with a strong sense of responsibility and ambition;

5、Proficient in operating office software;

6、Sales experience in FMCG and driving license is preferred.

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