Name: Maotai flying
Alcohol degree: 53 %vol
Spec: 500ml *6瓶
Detailed introduction

Produced in maotai town, renhuai city, guizhou province. Guizhou maotai liquor needs at least five years from the input production to the product delivery (one year for base liquor production, three years for classified storage and one year for blending products).

Strictly in accordance with the solar term, duanwu trampling, double Yang feeding, one production cycle a year; Two inputs; Three types (miso bean paste, cellar bottom, pure sweet incense) flavor body; The same batch of raw materials shall be boiled nine times, twisted eight times, piled up and fermented seven times to get wine. High temperature production, high temperature accumulation, high temperature into the pool, high temperature wine reception, low sugar production, low moisture into the pool, low liquor yield, low alcohol precision; The use of large volume, high food consumption; No flavoring substances are allowed.

Is one of the world famous three distillation wine, is China's typical representative of maotai-flavor liquor and daqu, the brewing technology in China the first batch of intangible cultural heritage list, enjoy the "national wine", is the green food, organic food, geographical indications protection products, has maotai-flavor prominent, elegant and exquisite, full-bodied fragrant lasting, long aftertaste, empty cup of the wine style.

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