Name: Luzhou laojiao special wine · crystal color 52 degrees
Alcohol degree: 52 %vol
Spec: 500ml*6 bottle
Detailed introduction

Luzhou old cellar specialty • crystal color -- old famous wine, new fashion. It is not only a loyal fan of special music, but also a modern and fashionable liquor product that caters to the taste needs of the young consumers of the post-80s and post-90s generation. By the modern luzhou laojiao national liquor tasting judges repeatedly study and careful design, on the basis of the pure flavor of the special song, it brings out the "soft flavor, comfortable taste" style.

There are many wonderful moments in life. The golden table title, wonderful sailing; The full moon, the wonderful blooming; Success and fame, brilliant shine; There are so many wonderful friends Jingcai special music, enjoy a wonderful life.

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